What is star rating in refrigerator in India 2023?

What is star rating in refrigerator in India?

After testing them under certain conditions, every refrigerator has been given an energy efficiency star rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The star rating in the fridge starts from one star to five stars.

The one-star refrigerator is the least energy-efficient, while the five stars are the most energy-efficient.

Who decides the star rating of Appliances?

Star ratings of appliances are decided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). The Government of India set up BEE in May 2006.

Under the Star rating program of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), different electrical appliances are awarded by different star ratings- including the refrigerator you use at home.

What is the Fridge star rating meaning?

As I told you, different models of the fridge of other capacity got other star ratings. This means a 5-star fridge consumes less power than a 3-star fridge.

Note- From back 2010, the BEE star rating for a no-frost refrigerator was compulsory to have. In simple words, every refrigerator you might purchase from 2010 is a bee star rating refrigerator.

bee star rating refrigerator
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Now the question comes how Fridge star rating works?

According to the BEE star rating program, Different refrigerator models have chosen different capacities, 200 to 300-litre fridges.

These fridges are tested under different conditions from which they are said to be 3-star refrigerators, 4-star refrigerators, 5-star refrigerators.

Note- BEE’s star rating back was less efficient compared to the same star rating in 2020.

What is star rating in refrigerator in India
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List of Best 3 Star Refrigerator:

Correlation of Star Rating And Power Consumption.

Let me elaborate and explain to you how the power consumption of your fridge can differ from different star ratings.

No Star rating Fridge1100 kWh
1977 kWh
2782 kWh
3626 kWh
4500 kWh
5400 kWh
Table for the 250 litres Refrigerator

From the table, you can understand that a zero-star rating has maximum power consumption, while a 5-star rating fridge has the lowest power consumption.

Factors Affecting Power Consumption and Star rating of the fridge.

Age of the Fridge.

I know I told you at the start, maximum star rating you have more power efficient will be your fridge. But as your fridge gets older and older, the power efficiency decreases gradually.

In simple words, the older the fridge gets more power it will consume in the upcoming years.

For example, above the table, I told you that the 5-star refrigerator power consumption per year is 400 kWh or 400,000 Watts.

But as your fridge gets older every year, the same 5-star refrigerator will not efficient as it was. Let say it was consuming 400 kWh per year, and now after 5 to 10 years, the same fridge will consume more power every year/month.

Compressor Technology of the Fridge.

Now the first question is, what is inverter compressor refrigerator?

Nowadays, refrigerators are operating over the inverter compressor. The inverter compressor makes your fridge more efficient than a regular fridge.

According to Letssaveelectricity.com inverter compressor helps the inverter refrigerator save 30 % power for cooling the same volume of air compared to a conventional refrigerator.

The inverter compressor works slowly throughout the day. As the fridge requires more power to maintain the temperature inside in day time, it works fast. But when the inside temperature is average, and the refrigerator does not need much energy to keep it from the outside temperature, for example, at night, it works slowly.

The main advantage of the inverter compressor in your fridge is that it usages power as needed, which means it will not consume a large amount of electricity throughout the day or night.

In short, it will save you money.

Note- A inverter compressor refrigerator with a good star rating is more power-efficient than a regular 5-star refrigerator.

Year of Manufacturer.

Do you remember the graph I shared with you at the starting, which shows that, back in 2012 and before, the 5-star rating fridge was less efficient than the 5-star rating fridge of 2020?

In other words, if you purchased your 5-star fridge in back 2012 or 2013, it will consume more energy than the 5-star fridge purchased in 2020 or 2021.

So always try to purchase the latest manufactured refrigerator for your home.

Things to consider while purchasing a bee star rating refrigerator.

Always look for the maximum star rating in the refrigerator.

Higher the bee star rating of your fridge more power efficient will be your fridge. Try to look for at least a four-star rating fridge for your home.

Inverter Compressor in the refrigerator.

As I told you above, that inverter compressor can save up to 30% more power than a regular fridge. So take advantage of it.

Buy Latest Manufactured Fridge.

Always choose the latest fridge model over the past models as I told you that the fridge manufactured in the past are less power effective than today.


The capacity of the fridge also matters a lot. Please note that the bee star rating is based on the fridge’s capacity.

If you choose a capacity, let say 300 litres, then all the models you check in the market might have different star ratings and power efficiency.

But if you are comparing the power consumption of different capacity fridges, let’s say 250 litres and 300 litres fridge. The power consumption of various capacities is other even though both have the same star rating.

So choose the capacity first, then check out the star rating of the fridge.

Verdict- [ What is star rating in refrigerator in India ]

The star rating on the refrigerator is one of the most crucial factors you have to consider while purchasing a refrigerator.

After reading our guide, you come to know why star rating on refrigerator is essential in the long term?

Budget is the different factor that will affect which star rating on refrigerator you will choose for your home.

If you are purchasing a five-star fridge of 190 to 220 litres capacity, then it might come under the budget of 15 to 20K INR.

If you consider the three-star fridge of 190 litres capacity, it might come under the 10 to 15K INR budget.

I hope you understood all about the star rating on the refrigerator. If you have any doubts regarding What is star rating in refrigerator in India, then know me in the comments.

Also, share this in-depth guide on what star rating in refrigerators in India with your loved ones interested in purchasing a new refrigerator.

FAQs on star rating on refrigerator.

What is the difference between 3 stars and a 5-star refrigerator?

A three-star refrigerator consumes more power as compared to a five-star refrigerator. The other difference between 3 stars and 5- star refrigerator is their pricing. The 5-star fridge is more expensive as compared to a 3-star fridge.

What is the benefit of the 5-star refrigerator?

5-star refrigerator is the most electricity efficient refrigerator among different star rating refrigerator.

What is a 3-star fridge?

A fridge that is rewarded a three-star rating by BEE is known as a 3-star fridge.

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