What is cradle wash in ifb washing machine?

When I looked for the IFB front load washing machine, I found about ten different wash programs such as Aqua Energie, Cradle Wash for Delicates, Rinse Hold, etc.

Among them, what does cradle wash mean in the IFB washing machine? When I searched about it, I learned how much this washing program is useful for washing clothes.

Let me tell you about it in detail. What is the meaning of cradle wash in IFB washing machine and how can you use it?

what is cradle wash in ifb washing machine | cradle wash meaning in washing machine

What is Cradle Wash in the IFB washing machine?

When you have delicate clothing, you need to wash it gently. However, you have to do the task manually, but what about the washing machine you have at home?

To do the task, here comes the cradle wash feature, which will help you. Different front-load washing machines offer this feature; make sure you have a look while selecting one for your home.

However, the IFB front-load washing machine is one of those that have this cradle wash feature.

Now the question comes what is the meaning of cradle wash in the IFB washing machine?

The IFB washing machine has a cradle wash feature to wash delicate clothing genitally. It washes the clothes gently. You must ensure you do not fill the washing machine with clothes, as in the cradle wash feature, your washing machine needs space to wash the clothes properly.

You can just put 2-3 small pieces of clothing, such as T-shirts, or a single large piece of clothing, such as a saree.

How does the candle wash work in the IFB washing machine?

When you put your clothes in the washing machine, the water pushes deeply into the fabric and gently removes the stains from your clothes. In this mode, the washing machine has a spin speed of around 35 Rotations per minute, which keep your clothes free from wrinkles.

The temperature of the washing machine at cradle wash program in IFB washing machine is 30 degrees Centigrade. The wash program takes around 40 to 45 minutes to wash your genital clothes thoroughly.

Then for drying the clothes, the washing machine runs at 400 Rotations per minute. However, you should show the sunlight to the clothes to dry them completely.

It is said that you must use liquid detergent in your front-load washing machine.

Stepwise working of cradle washes in the ifb washing machine.

Step 1. High water levels are maintained in the drum, and delicate clothes are floating free.

Step 2. The stable drum function of the IFB washing machine holds the drum stationary inside the washing machine and protects the clothes from tearing.

Step 3. Now the clothes will spin at the 35 RPM rate and be washed thoroughly with extra care.

Step 4. In the next step, the clothes will spin at a 400 RPM rate to extract water from the clothes.

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What clothes are considered delicates?

We wash different types of clothes; some are sensitive to the washing machine, which requires them to wash by hand; such clothes are known as delicate.

It might include sweaters, pants, sarees, blouses, scarves, hats, etc. You can consider the woolens as delicate laundry.

Such laundry is also sensitive to the different types of detergents. Hence you must select the right detergent while washing this delicate clothing.

Benefits of the Cradle wash program.

The benefits of the Gentle wash program in IFB washing machines are as follows-

  • It protects gentle clothes from damage.
  •  This model is efficient in cleaning stains and dirt.
  •  It requires less amount of water and detergents as compared to the other modes.
  •  It consumes less power than other modes.
  •  Silent operation is best.

What is the Difference Between Gentle Wash Mode and Cradle Mode?

There is no difference between the Gentle and Cradle wash modes. They are the different names of single-wash programs used by different brands of washing machines.

What is an express wash in an IFB washing machine?

The wash program spins the clothes faster and extracts more water from them, ultimately drying them faster than the gentle wash.

In this washing program, air bubbles are formed, cleaning the clothes’ dirt. However, it must be used with lightly soiled clothes, such as everyday or sports clothing.

What mode should I wash my bed sheets?

You can wash your bed sheets in normal modes of your washing machine, but make sure your washing machine has space even after you put the sheets for the water and detergent.


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