Buy Best Fairy Lights, String Lights online

Stars are only visible at night but the fairy lights that I will be talking about, you can avail it whenever you wish. Yes, you read it correctly.

Whether it is a festival or regular day, fairy lights set the right mood by its glamour or beautiful ambience that it creates while decorating.

There are a lot of fairy lights available in different shapes like heart, rose, ball, water-droplet and more. Also want to highlight that you will find them in USB powered, battery, electrical point operated.

Best Fairy Lights, String Lights

On this page, you will find a skillful selection of fairy lights to amplify your home decor.

Without further due, let’s get started.

Best Seller Fairy Lights in India

There are different names to fairy lights. Some say string lights, some led strip lights and many say rice lights. Shop for best decorative pieces of fairy lights to light up any space around you. Find spectacular LED lights here and accessorize your home with innovative ideas.

List of Best Seller Fairy Lights


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1. Star Light Decoration Curtain

2. Decorative Bulb Shape Led Lights

3. Cherry Blossom Flower Fairy String Lights

4. Globe Rattan Balls String Lights

5. Decorative Globe String Ball Hanging Fairy Lights

Best 5 Decorative String Lights

We all love to decor our surroundings, be it be indoor or outdoor to have a warm and charming feel every day. And decorating it with fairy light is the best idea. The warm white light provides a stunning and gorgeous ambience.

1. Star Light Decoration Curtain

  • This fairy light comes with 12 star-shaped (6 big stars and 6 small stars) and 138 LED curtain lights.
  • The length of the wire is 2 metres or 6 feet.
  • There are 8 flashing modes (i.e. 1-combination, 2-In waves, 3-sequential, 4-slogs, 5-chasing/flash, 6-slow fade, 7-twinkle/flash, 8-steady on).
  • The LED curtain string lights are waterproof, whereas the power and the controller are not waterproof. So protect the power and the controller before using it outdoor.

2. Decorative Bulb Shape Led Fairy Lights for Garden, Home

  • The package consists of 16 LED string golden ball-shaped decorative LED lights.
  • It is about 4.5 meters long and available in a warm white golden ball.
  • Electric plug-in design to power the fairy lights.
  • Perfect for any occasion in order to create a warm feeling.

3. Cherry Blossom Flower Fairy String Lights  

  • The fairy light has 20 LED cherry blossom flower design lights lamp bulbs.
  • The length is approximately 11 ft. or 3.2 metres.
  • Power and plug it by corded electric with two pin Indian power plug.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor as it comes with 360 degree lighting angle.

4. Globe Rattan Balls String Lights

  • Comes with 16 LED rattan balls that create a 360 degree glowing light effect.
  • The length of the string light is about 7 metres with rattan ball size is approx. 1.5 inches.
  • Rattan ball LED string light is AC powered.
  • The handmade rattan balls are depicting an elegant and modern look.

5. Decorative Globe String Ball Hanging Fairy Lights

  • 40 LED decorative globe string ball hanging fairy lights perfect for indoor and outdoor.
  • It has 8 lighting modes, changes by pressing the function button.
  • Powered by AC power.
  • Also protect the controller and the power from water splashes though the wire is IP44 waterproof.

Buyer Guide to Buy Best Fairy Lights & String Lights online

Decorate the room with fairy lights buying guide to give a magical character to the any deserted corner indoor or outdoor. You can buy the fairy lights online and even offline. These LED strip lights add life to a space by creating beautiful ambience and style.

Hence buy rice lights online at best prices in India by following our fairy lights buyer guide.

How to select the decorative series lights? Based on the theme of the room that you want to decorate, select the string light. As strip lights come in various designs, shape and sizes. Also they comes in playful and elegant styles, even some have many features like twinkling, colour changing feature and more.

Before buying the fairy lights online, keep in mind the following points to have an incredibly enjoyable experience and aftereffect.  

Brightness: There are a lot many varieties based on shapes, layout, size and most importantly the lumens-rate. Different person have different taste, hence the selection of the string lights will also depend on the location, theme and brightness.

Safety: Make sure to check the materials that the bulbs and string are made of. If you own pet(s) or have kid(s) at home, buy string lights that are safe to use in every environment.

Efficiency:  Look for energy efficient lights, not only to save money but also to save electricity. Power consumption of the fairy light that you like to buy must be low.

Durable: To bring value for money, buy best quality product that will last long. Durability and longevity are the key things that every customer look forward, hence don’t forget to spend some time to read customer’s review.

Warranty: Warranty is a necessary element of these string lights that you must look into before buying any electronic product to have a hassle-free experience.  

Conclusion for Buying Best Fairy Lights online

Buy best fairy lights online will help you check a lot of different brands, varieties and quality of the product. The fairy lights are used in home decoration, bedroom, garden, Christmas, Diwali, wedding, birthday to set a festive mood. The strip light brings a warm and royal ambience indoor as well as outdoor. The decorative fairy lights & string lights are available in warm white and multicolour. Hence, buy fairy lights online and cherish every moment.

AFTERCARE: By nature, these fairy light are fragile which you must handle with care. Before cleaning, unplug it from the main socket or remove the batteries. Follow the cleaning instructions for the best result before cleaning.