Buy Best Home Gym Set in India 2021- Complete Guide

In this worldwide pandemic of Covid19, people have to stay inside & avoid gyms & fitness centers as per govt. rule. Most of us are just sitting on our couch in the living room and watching TV in our living room.

We are not going anywhere out, such as GYMs, then why not bring a gym to your home. Yes, you heard right. You can purchase some of the necessary equipment you can use for your daily workout.

One thing I have to tell you if you know someone who is an expert in this field or you have gone to any gym for a long time, then only do your workout in your home. Otherwise, it may cause severe complications and injuries if you push too hard in terms of workouts.

Now get back to our guide on the Best home gym setup India. To start a complete home gym setup, you need essential equipment such as Mat, Resistance band, a Jump rope, Dumbbells, a Pullup bar, a Kettlebell, and a Workout bench.

These are not the standards that you must have all of them, but you have at least the basic stuff such as Mat, Jump rope, Dumbbells, bench, etc. You can check them out as per your requirements or the exercise you do.

Let me explain to you the need for this stuff in detail. And the interesting part is you can get all gym equipment online in one order and in very reasonable price also.

Best home gym set online brands in India

After researching multiple home gym set brands in India, I learned about India’s top 3 best home gym sets. Let me tell you one by one about their key features.

1. HASHTAG FITNESS 60 kg home gym combo kit

It comes with the complete 60 Kilograms weight home gym set and an 8 in 1 gym bench. The heavy-duty multi 8 in 1 bench press is made of 2 x 2 heavy pipe ( Incline, Decline & Flat Bench Press, Push-up & Dips, Leg Pulley, Dumbbell Fly & Dumbbell Press.

It comes with+60 Kg of PVC weight (10 Kg x 2 = 20 Kg + 5 Kg x 4 = 20 Kg + 2.5 Kg x 4 = 10 kg + 2 x 2 = 4 kg + 3 kg x 2 = 6 kg). Hashtag fitness also includes a 1 No x 3 feet curl rod with 1 No x 5 Feet Straight rod that can lift up to 160 kgs of weight.

The package contains some other stuff such as 2 No x 14 inch Iron dumbbell rods With Bolts, 1 Pair Pure leather gloves, 1 skipping rope, 4 Spring locks (that will not come out when you lift the weight).

2. FIT KART 60 Kg home gym set & combo kit

Fitkart home gym set comes with a 20 in 1 workout bench, which means it can be used for multiple tasks such as Incline, Decline, Flat, Leg Curl And Leg Extension, Chest Press/Butterfly, Lat PullDown, Ground Pulley, And Dips, Arm Curl, Twister.

Similar to the other home gym kits, it also includes PVC weight of up to 60 Kilograms, divided into 10Kg X 2Pcs, 5Kg X 4Pcs, 2Kg X 4Pcs,3 Kg X 4Pcs =Total 60 Kg.

The Fitkart comes with the 4 feet professional Curl Rod with a weight holding capacity of up to 80 kilograms when you consider it’s 5 feet straight rod that can hold up to 140 Kilograms of weight, which is enough for your needs.

Flipkart does not offer any other additional pieces of stuff, such as a jump rope or a mat. You have to purchase them additionally with the home gym set on Amazon.


Like the Fitkart, Gold fitness comes with a 20 in 1 bench with different incline, decline, flat, leg curl and leg extension, chest press/butterfly, and lat pull down, ground pulley and dips, arm curl.

You will also get 20 kilograms of rubber weight of 2 kgs, 4 kgs, 3 kgs, and 4 kgs. It also comes with a 3 feet curl rod and a 5 feet plain rod, along with a pair of dumbbell rods, a hand gripper, hand gloves, and a skipping rope.

But there is a catch with gold fitness over the Fitkart, and it comes with a preacher curl bench that is the best product for your biceps and forearms, which is not available with the Fitkart home gym.

Final word on – Complete gym setup for home in India

At last, I would like to say that it depends on your requirements whether a home gym set is enough for you or not. Some of them, such as Hashtag fitness home gym set, and Gold fitness home gym set, come with basic stuff such as workout benches, weights, rods, gloves, and even the skipping rope.

On the other hand, the Fitkart home gym set does not have to skip rope and preacher curl bench that Gold fitness has.

All three do not contain any kettlebell or a mat, which you may find with most of the brands available in the market. After all, it will affect the pricing of the product.

At the start, I said it depends on your needs and what type of exercises you do, which product you choose. All the products are good, but the question comes what your budget is.

If you have a reasonable budget and need some different stuff, you can check them out with the home gym set.

I hope you have liked our detailed guide on the best home gym set in India. If you have any doubts regarding the best gym set for home, then know me in the comments. Also, share our detailed post with your loved ones who like fitness or start some workout at their home.

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